What Is The Difference

The reason we started this company was to offer the new steel structure homes at great prices, and every project we do is a reflection of this value. Each year Metropark Builders grows and is able to sell a larger variety of products - our success stemming from our commitment to the highest standards of quality with every job. Have a look at some our of reasons below.

Cold Formed Steel Structure

Beyond the traditional wood buildings our aim is to build stronger, long life  and recyclable buildings.

Bugs won't be nightmare

It is hard to control the bugs at wood structure buildings. You won't need pest control or maintenance!

No Rust    No Problem

Galvanized steel profiles won't be rusted! Galvanize will cover the steel againist to weather conditions and your home will stay new for years.


What Else ?

Strong !  It will reduce your insurance cost !


Steel is not a flammable material and more durable against the fire. You are on  the safe side!


Structural steel frames and connections are definitely more stronger  and has higher load capacity than conventional wood structure. These structures will save the life...


Earthquake won't be a issue for you. Your home won't collapse with the true design !




No Deflections and Less cracks over time

You will not encounter surprises with steel material. It won't be deflected in time and you won't concern for the cracks!

Save The World

All the steel materials are %100 recyclable. 

Save the Trees!  Save the World!

It's time to use Steel

Steel will bring more flexibility at architectural design. Wide living areas with small profile sizes!